2019 Speakers

  • Yekta Kopan was born in Ankara in 1968. Having…


    Master of Ceremony, Journalist, Author, Voice Actor

    Yekta Kopan was born in Ankara in 1968. Having graduated from Hacettepe University’s Department of Business Administration, Kopan went on to live in İstanbul, publishing his stories in the magazine Hayalet Gemi. In 1998, Kopan founded the online magazine altZine, followed by altKitap, Turkey’s first online publishing platform. His first book Fildişi Karası was published in 2000, followed by the books of stories Aşk Mutfağından Yalnızlık Tarifleri, Yedi Derste Vicdan Muhasebesi, Kara Kedinin Gölgesi, Karbon Kopya, Bir De Baktım Yoksun, Kediler Güzel Uyanır, and the novels İçimde Kim Var and Aile Çay Bahçesi.

    Aşk Mutfağından Yalnızlık Tarifleri won the 2002 Sait Faik Story Award. Kopan’s 2007 book of stories Karbon Kopya won the Original Book of the Year award at the Dünya Kitap Awards. Kopan’s critically acclaimed story book Bir De Baktım Yoksun, published in November 2009, went on to win two of Turkey’s most prestigious literary awards, the Yunus Nadi Story Award and the Haldun Taner Story Award.

    In 2006, Kopan wrote the text for the theater project İki Kişilik Bir Oyun, which was staged by Tiyatro DOT at the İstanbul Theater Festival. The project was also staged in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. A story by Kopan was featured in the compilation Alles Blaue, Alles Grüne dieser Welt, published by DTV (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag). Kopan’s books were translated into Arabic, Albanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian. His e-book Daha Önce Tanışmış Mıydık? was published electronically by altKitap. Kopan’s children’s book Burun, illustrated by Chilean painter Alex Pelayo, was published in 2009.

    Kopan participated in various short film competition juries, the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival Project Development Jury and the Adana Golden Boll Film Festival National Competition Jury. He writes film articles for the Altyazı magazine and book reviews for Milliyet Kitap, as well as  contributing to the magazines İstanbul Art News and Ot. Kopan is also part of the editorial board of Granta Türkiye.

    Kopan’s latest book of stories İki Şiirin Arasında was published in October 2014

  • Ekrem Imamoglu was born in Trabzon in 1970.He…


    Mayor of Istanbul

    Ekrem Imamoglu was born in Trabzon in 1970.He graduated from Istanbul University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Following his undergraduate studies, he also attended and completed a Master of Science program on HR Management at the same university. He played footbol while he was student. He became a board member of Trabzonspor Club, Football, Basketbal and Beylikduzuspor.

    In 1992, he started working for the family business while he was still a graduate student. He then became the CEO of the group companies. Under his management, the company mostly operated on urban planning and the housing projects. While he was building and planning for housing complexes to raise the living standards of the people, he encountered some problems pertaining to the political processes which resulted in a decision to become a public servant and solve problems of political nature.

    He joined Republican People’s Party’s (CHP), the main opposition party in years, and became a party member. He worked hard for his party’s field campaigns, and in a short time he was elected the district head of CHP for the Beylikduzu in 2009. In the local elections of March 30, 2014, he became the elected Mayor of Beylikduzu. In the following years of successful management, Mr. Imamoglu captured the attention of society, media and the academia. Thanks to the positive changes he made in social life, infrastructure services and the living standards of Beylikduzu, he received a big support from the citizens of Beylikduzu district.

    CHP appointed Mr. Imamoglu as the candidate for the Mayor of Istanbul in the local elections of March 31, 2019. After an inspiring campaigning process of three months, he became the elected Mayor of Istanbul. But this did not last long; in the 18th day of his mayorship, YSK cancelled the elections and announced a re-election date, June 23, 2019.

    Mr. Imamoglu started his re-election campaign with an historic speech. His speech organically became the hope for his disappointed supporters and symbolized a moment of encouragement to fight for freedom and democracy in Turkey. His victory on June 23 with %54,2 support of votes became a milestone for the future of Turkey.

    Mr. Imamoğlu is married, have 3 kids and lives in Beylikduzu since 1991.

  • John Zimmerman is an interaction designer and…


    Interaction Designer and Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University

    John Zimmerman is an interaction designer and researcher, and Professor at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. John teaches courses on interaction design, service innovation, design theory, and designing for AI. His research falls into four areas: interaction with intelligent systems; designing for the self;  public service innovation via social computing; and research through design. His research is concerned with the process of making things as the mechanism to explore possible futures. John studies how design inquiry can be integrated with scientific and engineering inquiry. His academic contributions are seminal in the field of HCI, primarily, in matters concerned with research through design and interaction with intelligent system. John is a co-author of the book Design Research through Practice. He’s also co-inventor of the way everyone scrolls their smartphones and tablets.

  • Feryal Ozel is a Professor of Astronomy and…


    Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at University of Arizona

    Feryal Ozel is a Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Department of Astronomy at University of Arizona. She has made pioneering contributions to the physics of neutron stars and black holes, as well as to the co-evolution of black holes and galaxies in the early Universe. Dr. Ozel made the first accurate measurements of the neutron star radii that constrain the ultradense matter equation of state.  Based on her work on accretion flows, she made the first size predictions of the images of nearby supermassive black holes at different wavelengths.

  • Dave was born in east London, and won a…



    Dave was born in east London, and won a Rockerfeller Scholarship to Pratt Institute in New York to study advertising. He mainly trained at Carl Ally Inc, and came back to London to work at BMP with John Webster. He became Joint Creative Director and, in 1980, he left to found Gold Greenlees Trott (GGT).
    GGT was voted ‘Agency of the Year’ by Campaign and ‘Most Creative Agency in the World’ by Ad Age in New York. In 1990 Dave founded Bainsfair Sharky Trott with the Managing Directors of Saatchi & Saatchi. In 1993 he co-founded Walsh Trott Chick Smith. In 2003 this merged with The Gate and in 2005, he became Chairman until 2014.
    Dave has been given the D&AD President’s Award, for lifetime achievement. He has also written three books: ‘Creative Mischief’, ‘Predatory Thinking’, and ‘1+1=3’ (to be published in June).
    In the 1970s Dave set up the ‘D&AD Creative Workshop’ course. He has trained hundreds of young creatives, many of whom are now London’s top creative directors and teachers.

  • Sam Conniff Allende is a multi-award winning…


    Author, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur & Pirate

    Sam Conniff Allende is a multi-award winning serial social entrepreneur, and co-founder and former CEO of Livity, Don’t Panic and Live Magazine. A winner of EY’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year, and Global CSR Leader at the Global CSR Awards, Sam has mentored thousands of talented young entrepreneurs. Author of Be More Pirate, Sam is an acclaimed public speaker, an advocate of ‘business as ‘unusual’ and a purpose-driven strategy consultant to brands such as Roald Dahl, Red Bull, Unilever and PlayStation.

  • Dan Goods is passionate about creating…


    Founder, The Studio at NASA/JPL

    Dan Goods is passionate about creating experiences where people are reminded of the gift and privilege of being alive.

    During the day he runs The Studio at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a team developing creative ways of communicating and working to transform complex concepts into meaningful stories that can be universally understood. After hours he works on creative projects around the world. Currently he is collaborating with others on new public art pieces in San Diego and San Francisco and is developing the “Museum of Awe” with David Delgado and Ivan Amato. An experience of art, science, theater and surprise.

    In 2002 Goods graduated valedictorian from Art Center College of Design. Recently he was selected as “One of the most interesting people in Los Angeles”. He lives in Altadena, CA with his wife and three kids.

  • It was in 1976 when opportunity walked through…


    Legendary Designer of Apple’s Logo

    It was in 1976 when opportunity walked through the door one day and said, “Hi, I’m Steve Jobs. Regis wants you to make a new logo for my computer company.” This correspondence led to one of the most creative visual designs of all time: One and only Apple logo.

    Since then, Rob Janoff Rob has worked with many Fortune 500 companies on campaigns as varied as selling Kleenex tissue to Intel chips, from Frangelico Liqueur to John Deere mowers. Over the past eight years Rob Janoff has been the go-to figure for international startups and established brands like Crooz in Japan, Lucas in the UK, Pluit City in Indonesia, Sunac in China and Exeed in UAE.

    Rob Janoff says it’s no accident that you get few opportunities for success in life. When they come along you have to be ready to grab them. In making the most of his opportunities, Rob has a unique story to tell. You will his words of wisdom at Brand Week in Istanbul and in his book “Taking a Bite out of the Apple” which is expected to be ready for the Turkish readers very soon.

  • Çetin graduated from the Physics Department,…


    Istanbul Bilgi University, Professor of Physics

    Çetin graduated from the Physics Department, Boğaziçi University, in 1996. He received his master’s degree in 1998 and PhD in 2003 for his studies at the CERN ATLAS experiment with counsel from Prof. Engin Arık in the field of Experimental Particle Physics. Having been working at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at İstanbul Bilgi University since September 2015, Çetin founded the Particle Physics Application and Research Centre in March 2016. After holding the office of Vice-Rector at İstanbul Bilgi University from 2017 to 2018, Çetin worked as the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences at the same university between 2018 and 2019. He laid the groundwork for the foundation of Experimental Particle Physics General Committee and Senior Committee in his endeavours to ensure the unification and representation of the Experimental Particle Physics community. He was elected Chair of the Senior Committee in 2016. Çetin took part in the ATLAS and CAST experiments conducted at CERN, and the BES-III experiment conducted at the Chinese Institute of Particle Physics as the national coordinator, and the Turkish Accelerator Centre Project as a university representative. Having authored numerous experimental and phenomenological publications in the journals searched at international citation indexes, Çetin has been cited many times for his publications. Çetin received the “Turkish Physics Association Professor Şevket Erk Young Scientist Award” in 2004, the “Turkish Academy of Sciences High-Achieving Scientist Award” in 2008, the “Turkish Physics Association Professor Engin Arık Scientist Award” in 2015, and the “Turkish Physics Association Honorary Award” in 2017.

  • Ranked as one of the top ranked “leadership…


    Author, Speaker and Leadership Consultant 

    Ranked as one of the top ranked “leadership gurus” in the world, Sally Helgesen is a pioneer researcher, speaker, and consultant on women’s styles of leadership and the unique contributions they make to the workplace. She focuses on honing women’s leadership styles, creating inclusive company cultures, and equipping men in senior positions to fully engage women’s talents and potential.

    In her bestselling The Female Advantage: Women’s Ways of Leadership, Sally was the first to focus on what women have to contribute to organizations rather than how they need to change and adapt. She is also the author of the award-winning The Web of Inclusion: A New Architecture for Building Great Organizations, and four other books, the most recent being The Female Vision: Women’s Real Power at Work. Her work has been profiled by FortuneThe New York TimesFast Company, and Business Week.

    Sally has served as a consultant for The United Nations, where her pioneering studies on inclusive leadership and the increasing power of individuals in shaping their own work was the basis for the creation of a group of “Centers of Experimentation” that administer leadership programs in developing countries.

  • Necati Ozkan is the President of Dialogue…


    Political Consultant, President of Oyku Dialogue International

    Necati Ozkan is the President of Dialogue International Agency and a member of the Board of Directors for the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC). Providing communication consultancy to leaders, candidates and parties, he directed Kemal Kilicdaroglu’s Istanbul Local Elections candidacy campaign in 2009, People’s Republican Party’s local election campaigns in 2014, and Ekrem Imamoglu’s local elections campaigns in 2014 and 2019. He was selected as a member to World Dream Team for 10 people in 2010. In the same year, he won the Aristotle Grand Prize for international political communication. In 2017, the Washington-based Compol magazine ranked him among the 100 most influential communication professionals in the world.

    He has more than 60 international awards including 2 Adrian, 11 Pollie, 5 Reed, 16 Polaris, and 11 Golden Eagle awards.

  • Emma Sulkowicz (b. 1992) is an American artist of…


    Anti-Rape Activist and American Performance Artist

    Emma Sulkowicz (b. 1992) is an American artist of Japanese-Chinese-Jewish descent who lives and makes art in her hometown, New York City. She earned a BFA in Visual Arts from Columbia University in 2015, studied studio art in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, and was the recipient of the 2018 Museum of Arts and Design Van Lier Fellowship. She is perhaps best known for her senior thesis at Columbia University -“Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight)” — an endurance performance artwork in which she carried a dorm mattress everywhere on Columbia’s campus for as long as she attended the same school as her attacker. Her awards include the National Organization for Women’s Woman of Courage Award (2016) and Susan B. Anthony Award (2014), the United States Student Association’s National Student Movement Builder of the Year Award (2015), the Feminist Majority Foundation and Ms. Magazine’s Ms. Wonder Award (2015), and the Heal Me Too Festival’s Trailblazer Award (2019).

  • Having read Physics at Oxford, Les took an M.…


    Head of Effectiveness at Adam & Eve DDB

    Having read Physics at Oxford, Les took an M. Phil. in Artificial Intelligence at Edinburgh University. His research there focussed on the use of computer models to study the way human beings process language. In 1987, he joined the Account Planning department at BMP, where he turned his modelling skills to the problem of measuring the effects of advertising. He is currently Head of Effectiveness at adam&eve DDB, and runs DDB Matrix, the network’s econometrics consultancy.
    Over the years, Les has worked for a wide range of blue chip clients, including AXA, Barclaycard, Heinz, Nestlé, Phillips, Unilever, Virgin and Volkswagen. He has also played an important part in establishing the agency’s reputation for effectiveness, having won more IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards than anyone else in the history of the competition.

  • Colombian who spent 20 years working in…


    Global CCO at Laundry Service and Cycle

    Global CCO at Laundry Service and Cycle

    Colombian who spent 20 years working in Brazil.
    Began his career in 1993, as an Art Director.
    He has worked for a variety of agencies across Latin America, including Ogilvy, Publicis, Talent Marcel, Havas, DM9DDB,

    DDB Colombia and Laundry Service and Cycle in New York.

    He has won 32 Cannes Lions and several others awards, such as D&AD, One Show, Clio Awards, Effie, London Festival,

    FIAP, Wave, El Sol, El Ojo, Profissionais do Ano (important brazilian award), Abril Awards (important brazilian award), Brazilian Creative Club.

  • A pacesetter in digital transformation for nearly…


    Group Chief Digital Marketing Officer & Deputy Chief Digital Officer at L'Oréal

    A pacesetter in digital transformation for nearly 20 years, drove L’Oreal, Universal Music Group and Canal+ digital strategy, operations and brand activation by designing and deploying a market leading set of digital, platforms, content and services. Big-picture thinker, advising industry leaders and identifying technology innovations and digital trends from one industry for application in another, combining marketing and technical expertise to serve business needs. Responsible for driving worldwide digital initiatives, growing a business focused on supporting the fast changing digital needs of the FMCG’s, Retail, Music and TV industries.

  • Patricia Corsi (Pe) is a Marketing, Brand and…


    Bayer, Global Chief Marketing & Digital Officer

    Patricia Corsi (Pe) is a Marketing, Brand and consumer aficionado. After spending over two decades working and transforming brands and ways of working in blue chips FMCG for multimillion dollar brands, Pe knows what truly drives consumer attention and love, recruitment and sustainable growth—and it’s not the new shinny object but mastering solid fundamentals and focusing on consumers and customers.

    It matters how deeply you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to help and communicate your message, and how authentic your message and your purpose come through every touch points. Ultimately the goal is deliver shareholder value and have a positive impact in the world.

    Pe has built her career in different geographies and categories, having lived in the Brazil, UK, NL, Mexico and now Switzerland.

    Her personal values – Respect, Autonomy, Challenge, Fairness & Openness, Curiosity and continuous learning – are embedded in her working and personal life choices.

    She is currently the Global Chief Marketing & Digital officer for Bayer Consumer Health.


    Recent Recognitions:

    Women to watch Mexico, AdAge 2017/18

    Advertiser of the year Effie’s – 2016 and 2017,

    Effie awards Mexico and Latam (Grand, many gold, silver and bronze within 2016 to 2018 period)

    Cannes GOLD lion – Glass Category and BRONZE lion – Print Category,

  • He was born in 1945. And was graduated firstly…


    Founder of Selendi Wines, Former CEO of Garanti Bank

    He was born in 1945. And was graduated firstly from TED and then METU. In the college years, he played basketball as a guard. He studied business administration at METU and then started his career as a marketing expert. After working in different industries for 13 years, he joined Garanti as one of the vice presidents(responsible for marketing again).

    In 1991, the owner of the bank(Ayhan Şahenk) offered Öngör to be the new CEO of Garanti. And he ran the company for a decade.

    Garanti experienced a tough and quite successful metamorphosis process in his period. When Akın Öngör sat on his desk as the CEO, Garanti’s total market value was around $150 million. And after a ten years work, the value increased to 5 billion USD and Garanti was chosen as “The Best Bank on Earth” by Euromoney. The change was so successful that, it became a case study in both Harvard Business School and London Business School. And that case study is still actively being lectured to MBA students in these schools. Akın Öngör retired in the year 2001 to spend much of his time with his wife and family.

  • Jon Alexander is co-founder of the New…


    Co-founder, New Citizenship Project

    Jon Alexander is co-founder of the New Citizenship Project, a strategy and innovation company on a mission to support the shift in the dominant story of the individual in society from Consumer to Citizen, whose client list includes The Guardian, the European Central Bank and the European Journalism Centre. Jon is a Fellow of the Young Foundation and the Royal Society of Arts, and a member of the OECD’s Future of Democracy Network. Having begun his career with a decade in the advertising industry at agencies including BBDO and Fallon, he is a proud former winner of Brand Republic’s Big Idea of the Year Award, for creating the concept of MyFarm in 2011: handing over decision making on a real working farm to the public by online vote and debate as a way of engaging people with sustainable food production. He holds three Masters degrees in disciplines spanning humanities and business; has won several essay awards including the inaugural Ashridge EABIS Sustainable Innovation Award, and the Young Foundation’s Beyond Meritocracy Prize; and was a major contributor to the recent bestseller New Power (shortlisted for Financial Times Book of the Year 2018, by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms). Along the way, Jon has also represented Great Britain in two different sports.  


  • Lalin Anık is an Assistant Professor of…


    Professor of Marketing, Virginia’s Darden School of Business

    Lalin Anık is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. She is a behavioral economist interested in combining insights from psychology and economics to tackle big business and societal problems. As an expert in the science of behavior change, Professor Anık has worked closely and consulted with major companies, organizations and governments to design novel social interventions that help consumers, employees and communities make better decisions and lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

    She has recently been recognized as one of the “Best 40 under 40” Business Professors in the world. Originally from Turkey, Professor Anık previously taught at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. She holds a Doctorate of Business Administration degree in marketing from Harvard Business School and a B.A. degree in psychology and business from Brandeis University.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Austin is the General…


    General Manager, Glovo Turkey


    Austin is the General Manager of Glovo Turkey since its launch in 2018.

    Prior to Glovo was involved in various startups including Uber Technologies, where he launched and led Uber Turkey operations.  He is a builder at heart and thrives on launching and scaling innovative business models.

    He is also a seasoned investment professional having worked with TPG Capital, Ashmore and BNP Paribas.  Graduated from George Washington University with majors in International Affairs and Economics.



    Founder, The Core Code


    Baaghil is the unconventional brand consultant, author and speaker. His out-of-the-box ideas ignite companies to rethink their strategies on reaching their target audience and building sustainable brands. Baaghil has changed how people think of brand in the Middle East. As a consultant, he has worked with many distinguished organizations in the region such as the Saudi Stock Exchange, Savola, AlKahbeer Capital.

    Baaghil has authored four books, including the most reputable “The Power of Belonging” and “Create Your Space,” both listed in the Library of Congress. The international recognition of Baaghil’s unique approach to Brand and Marketing can be found in key publications: well-known marketing expert Dan Hill wrote on Baaghil in “Emotionomics”

    Baaghil was interviewed by futurist and BrainReserve CEO Faith Popcorn for her two forthcoming books on market trends. Most recently, Baaghil was interviewed by the internationally acclaimed brand consultancy firm Siegel+Gale on branding in the Middle East.



    General Manager, Zorlu Performans Sanatları Merkezi

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Aerospace engineer and…


    Co-founder and CEO of Glovo


    Aerospace engineer and entrepreneur.

    Oscar Pierre, 26, is the co-founder and CEO of Glovo. He began his studies at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

    After two years, he moved to Georgia Tech, in the United States, to explore better opportunities. Following his graduation, he began his professional career as an aircraft engineer at Airbus, based in Toulouse. After 6 months he decided to look for new challenges and dedicate his energy to creating a new business.

    Glovo began in early 2015. Previously, while studying, Pierre had already founded Zikkomo.com, a solidarity platform with 30 children sponsored in Malawi, and LoveItLocal.es in 2014, a market designed to boost local craft businesses.

    In January 2017 he was included in Forbes Magazine’s 30under30 annual list of most influential young people.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY She graduated from the…


    Chief Editor of Digital Age and MediaCat


    She graduated from the Physics Department at ODTÜ and MBA program at Boğaziçi University.

    She got into advertisement while still studying and started to publish MediaCat in 1993 after 12 years of a career in advertisement.

    Besides MediaCat, she is the chief editor of all MediaCat publications, MediaCat Cannes Lions, which is issued in English every year, Digital Age and Pİ, which is a marketing and communications culture magazine.

    She is the editor of MediaCat Books which have surpassed 800 in numbers.

    With her large team, Pelin Özkan hold dozens of workshops, seminars, events such as the Digital Age Summit and Brand Week Istanbul, Felis and Women to Watch awards and Lovemarks studies every year.

    She has been working in the capacity of co-manager and faculty member at Brand School, which is the Marketing Communication Post-Graduate Program of Bilgi University.



    Hayatımız Reklam (All About that Ad)

  • Akan has 15 years of experience in marketing…


    FutureBright Research, Founder and Managing Partner

    Akan has 15 years of experience in marketing strategies, brand management and market research. For long years he held the position of Head of Strategy and Planning at Grey Advertising. He also was one of the 12 strategy leaders at Grey Group Worldwide global strategy council.

    He has been a member of the Advertising Self-Regulatory Board. He was  juror at Kırmızı and Effie. His work has been deemed worthy of numerous gold Effie awards.

    He founded FutureBright and the Behavioural Institute. Today both companies are among the fastest growing companies in Turkey. FutureBright Group has over 250 brands in its portfolio. Even though FutureBright is not an advertising agency, is ranked among Effie’s top of European rankings.

    He founded ZMET Institute in 2016 and became the ninth global partner of Olson Zaltman & Associates for Turkey and the region. Today, ZMET Institute is one of the fastest growing neuromarketing companies in Turkey. He is a TEDx and Intel TechTalks Speaker. World famous Daily Telegraph has covered a story on his strategic views.

    He holds a teaching post at İstanbul Bilgi University, Brand School.

  • An award-winning cultural strategist, Nazia…


    Founder of Ricebowl Strategy

    An award-winning cultural strategist, Nazia founded Ricebowl Strategy in 2016 to steer brands towards their most progressive, impactful roles in global culture. Spanning China, Brazil, US, UK, South Asia, and the Middle East, Ricebowl puts universal human insight at the core of its practice, crafting strategic thinking that resonates with today’s more diverse global growth consumer through progressive messaging and tangible social action.

    In 2015, Nazia was recognised as one of the top five most awarded planners in the world. Prior to founding Ricebowl, Nazia was the Global Chief Strategy Officer at DAVID across São Paulo, Buenos Aires and Miami, and Global Planning Partner at Ogilvy. Before advertising, she was an academic at Oxford working on gender representation in the media. She is the author of ‘Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer’ (2011) and is also professional Cordon Bleu chef. She speaks fluent Mandarin, Bengali and Brazilian Portuguese and lives in London.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Graduate degree from…


    Founder, Archetype Discoveries Worldwide


    Graduate degree from Sorbonne University on political science and psychology and a doctorate degree on medical anthropology.

    Dr. Rapaille teaches at many universities across the globe, among them: Michigan State University, New York State University, University of California Los Angeles A global authority on archetype studies, product and customer behaviour codes,

    Dr. Rapaille has written 17 books.

    Founder of Archetype Discoveries Worldwide, Dr. Rapaille has been studying the underlying codes defining customer behaviour for over 35 years.

  • Hossein Houssaini works as an advisor for various…


    Founder at Ho/Pe Advisory

    Hossein Houssaini works as an advisor for various companies and forums in the digital advertising landscape.
    He joined boards like the Advisory Council of Prohaska Consulting, the Advisory Board of the Programmatic Pioneers and the global board of i-com.org, a community that compromise of the most extensive international group of industry leaders on the forefront of Smart Data Marketing, ranging from CMOs to top Data Scientists.
    Before his venture, he was acting as the Global Head of Programmatic Solutions for Havas Group for about four years. Here he helped to establish the global music data alliance for Havas and Universal Music Group and collaborated with international clients to transform them digitally. Hossein is the co-founder of Havas University, a global training program platform which has already certified over 15,000 participants globally with its first training curriculum “100% Programmatic”. Previous to HAVAS, Hossein created IPG Mediabrands’ first Trading Desk, Cadreon, in DACH (GSA) and shortly after acted as Director Technology for all audience buying platforms (MAP), bringing programmatic to the region.
    Before joining Cadreon, Hossein worked for Google re-establishing the Rich Media business for DACH & the Nordics launching projects like YouTube Masthead and developing these markets to a successful business.  He was shortlisted for ExchangeWire’s Ad Tech Personality of the Year in 2017 & 2018!


  • With over 19 years’ service at the WPP agency,…


    Executive Creative Director at MediaCom UK

    With over 19 years’ service at the WPP agency, in 2019 Tom became MediaCom UK’s first ever ECD. His role sees him working with some of MediaCom’s largest clients on big ideas that transcend the customary route of TV-first advertising. It fits, therefore, that before this role he spent nearly 5 years running the 80-strong content division, MediaCom Beyond Advertising. MBA developed, produced and managed many of MediaCom’s award-winning partnership, social media, influencer marketing, events, SEO and original video campaigns. His career has seen him working across a huge variety of UK and worldwide clients including Coca-Cola, Sony, Volkswagen Group, Bose, Sky and many more.

    Linked very much with his passion for creativity, Tom is also the dad behind Instagram’s 200k+ followed @thingsihavedrawn, and co-author of ‘Things I Have Drawn at the Zoo’ with his kids.

  • He spent ten years hopping between advertising…


    Director of Brand Design, Pandora

    He spent ten years hopping between advertising agencies moving up the ladder before settling down at Ogilvy.

    Every agency he led in those markets topped their national creative rankings and winning many ‘Agency of the Year’ titles. He also helped Ogilvy Ukraine become the “Most effective agency in Europe” according to the 2012 Effie Global index.

    He has won accolades at nearly every award show including Cannes Lion (Gold), D&AD (Graphite), Clio (Gold), Red Dot (Gold) & OneShow (Gold) for clients as diverse as NASA, Lenovo, Commerzbank, Tuborg, Intersport, IBM, Nestlé, Philips and the UNHCR.

    In January 2019 he took the helm at Pandora’s Global HQ as Director of Brand Design feeding over 100 markets with design and creative for the legendary Danish jewellery brand.

  • After studying for a Masters in Geography at…


    Global Director Audiences Research, GroupM

    After studying for a Masters in Geography at Cambridge, Simon chose to enter the world of media and advertising. After seven initial years in ad sales and audience research at IPC Magazines in the UK, Simon moved to Client Service at Donovan Data Systems. Increasingly specialising in media planning and trading audience measurement Simon joined Leo Burnett’s Starcom in 1995 as European Head of Media Systems – what we call now Data, Analytics, & Insight.  Simon has been with GroupM since 2002 with a range of international roles focussed on client TV investment return, reach optimisation, ad effectiveness, trading, and client reporting.

    Representing GroupM, Simon sits on the EACA Media Agencies Council, IAB Europe Brand Advertising Committee, Global Video Audience Measurement Group, and the I-COM Global Programme Board. He contributes to audience research vendors’ Advisory Boards and is a regular conference speaker and panellist.

  • David Edward, founder of Strategic Initiatives…


    Founder, Strategic Initiatives Group

    David Edward, founder of Strategic Initiatives Group, has led planning initiatives and strategy development on global businesses and some of our most beloved brands.

    David works from the premise that it is human nature to be better than we are now. David has, in roles ranging from President, Client Services Director, Consultant and Board Chair, helped progressive organizations become more successful through the discovery and activation of the human potential and market possibilities found in their unique operating systems.

    David is also a writer and explorer at heart. His discovery of better practices for superior human performance from the Italian Renaissance, successfully iterated for 21st Century organizations, can now be found in SIG’s Unlimited Planning Process (UPP), David’s keynotes and his forthcoming book “The Unlimited Organization.”

    David Edward is a member of The Core Code, a global think tank on Brand.

  • Viviana Laperchia is purpose-driven brand thinker…


    Co-founder, The Core Code

    Viviana Laperchia is purpose-driven brand thinker and storyteller at the intersection of humans and technology.

    She led global communications at WeRobotics and worked as a Communication Manager, EMEA at DJI. While at DJI, she led workshops for the marketing team in Shenzhen, CSR initiatives in Europe including videos to highlight “drones for good” and search and rescue stories, and served as a brand expert for a drone research project at Macromedia University in Berlin.

    Viviana was a speaker at Brand Summit Cairo and Hacking HR Zurich, a consultant during the re-positioning process of Global Knowledge Canada, and assisted the re-branding phase of Heritage Toronto and the European Union Toronto Film Festival.

    She is a classically trained singer, speaks five languages and is a Communication and Advertising Accredited Professional (CAAP) with the Institute of Communication Agencies Canada.

  • Yaz Yazicioğlu pursued an education in…


    Speakers, Reputation Management and Consumer Psychology

    Yaz Yazicioğlu pursued an education in industrial-organizational psychology. He later joined the US Air Force to study Aeronautical Engineering and Meteorology. Upon finishing his degree and term in the Military, he worked for military contractors as an Ergonomics consultant before establishing his own practice in Consumer Psychology, while creating and selling restaurant concepts in the Hospitality industry.
    His most recent corporate position was as a TripAdvisor’s Country Manager in Turkey.

    Yaz currently performs public speaking and gives workshops on Reputation Management and Consumer Psychology, with a personal fellowship-interest in Quantum Cognitive, Behavioral Psychology and Therapy. Yaz is a member of The Core Code, a global think tank on Brand.

  • Ayse Arman was born in Adana in 1969. His…



    Ayse Arman was born in Adana in 1969.

    His father Mehmet Kutman Arman is a graduate of Austrian High School. He met his next door neighbor Veronika Arman, a German ballerina, when he was studying in college in Switzerland. Ayse Arman is the second born from this marriage.

    She was raised a tomboy since her parents expected a son. She’s from the generation that grew up on the streets. She climbs trees, she skates, is a good diver and runner.

    She went to Tarsus American High School before studying radio and television at Istanbul University’s communications department. She dropped out when she began working at Nokta Magazine.

    22 years later she had the opportunity to finish her degree.

    She’s a passionate journalist. Before joining Hurriyet she worked at Nokta, Aktuel, Tempo, Marie Claire and Yeni Yuzyil.

  • Barbaros Özbugutu has more than 15 years of…


    Co-Founder & CEO, iyzico

    Barbaros Özbugutu has more than 15 years of professional experience in the global payment and telecom segment, including Telefonica O2 and First Data. During this time, he also acted as the Head of Sales SME of TeleCash, a subsidiary of First Data and shortly after as the VP Sales Germany of Klarna. In 2013, Barbaros founded his own payment company in Istanbul. He now acts as co-founder and CEO of iyzico, one of the fastest growing start-ups in Turkey. iyzico is transforming the payment processing experience for businesses of all sizes through its  bank-integrated, fraud-protected payment platform tailored to the nuances of the Turkish market.  Obtaining the BRSA license and being compliant with PCI-DSS, more than 160 people at iyzico go beyond seamless payments and help businesses transform to an excellent online shopping experience. With over 32.000 digital merchants and 500.000 iyzico buyer protection consumers, iyzico gains more and more penetration into the Turkish e-commerce market each day.


  • John Sharp is a game designer, graphic designer,…


    Associate Professor of Games and Learning, Parsons Art and Design School

    John Sharp is a game designer, graphic designer, art historian and curator. He makes games, teaches design, and researches and writes about games, play, art, and creative process.

    He is the Associate Professor of Games and Learning in the School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons School of Design at The New School. He co-directs PETLab (Prototyping, Education and Technology Lab), a research group focused on games and game design as a form of social discourse. John is also member of the game design collective Local No. 12, whose games include Dear Reader, The Metagame, and Backchatter.

    John has four books: Works of Game: On the Aesthetics of Games and Art; Games, Design & Play: A Detailed Look at Iterative Game Design, co-authored with Colleen Macklin; Fun, Taste and Games, co-authored with David Thomas; and Iterate: Ten Lessons on Design and Failure, also co-authored with Colleen Macklin. He was the co-curator of “Spacewar!: Videogames Blast Off” and “A Whole New Ball Game: Playing through 60 Years of Sports Video Games” at the Museum of the Moving Image, and co-curator of “XYZ: Alternative Voices in Game Design” at the Museum of Design-Atlanta.



    Founder at Meaning.Global, Advisor to The Core Code


    A brand meaning expert, cultural strategist, semiotician and social scientist on a mission to redefine the role of meaning in the brand and marketing industry.

    She is the Founder and CEO of Meaning.Global, a strategic intelligence consultancy helping leaders adapt to the quickly changing cultural ecosystem today.

    She helps brands navigate the shifting symbolic meanings in the 21st-century world full of global cultural complexity to profit from change and create new value and relevance.

    She is the world’s leading authority on brand meaning, contributing author to Branding Strategy Insider,

    Author of The Luxury Report 2019 on Redefining The Future Meaning Of Luxury,

    Creator of the ESOMAR Semiotic Series, a fellow of the RSA and an Advisor to the The Core Code, a global think tank on Brand.



    Red Dot Digital, CEO


    Founder and CEO of Red Dot Digital, which she launched in 2014 to bring her forward-thinking, data-driven approach to the world of digital strategy and management consulting.

    KC brings 20 years of international integrated campaign and project management experience to the firm.

    Before Red Dot Digital, she managed digital and social media for Deloitte Canada and its global team and mentored Deloitte’s CEOs on digital transformation. She also directed social media for Ford.

    In 2018, KC became the new VP of the British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce.

    In 2019, KC founded Tech Advocates Canada, part of the Global Tech Advocates network.

    She founded B2BeeMatch.com, a business matchmaking platform by SMEs for SMEs.



    The JoAnna Townsend Excellence Award from the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT).

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Christopher Peregrin…


    Magnum Photos Global Director, Partnership


    Christopher Peregrin recently joined Magnum Photos as the agency’s Global Director of Partnerships, heading up the teams responsible for Magnum’s global assignments, commissions and partnerships, leading on strategy as well as business development.

    Prior to joining the Magnum team, Christopher worked at the creative agency, Laird + Partners, where he oversaw print and video production for global campaigns including Tommy Hilfiger and Topshop.

    He started his career at in Annie Leibovitz’s studio, before holding senior roles at both US Harper’s BAZAAR and Ralph Lauren.



    General of Amnesty International


    Kumi Naidoo is a life-long social justice and environmental campaigner hailing from South Africa.

    Born in Durban in 1965, Kumi’s first taste of activism came at age 15 when he organised and took part in an antiapartheid protest that saw him expelled from his school.

    As a result of his continued anti-apartheid activism, he was forced to live in exile in the UK in 1986.

    He returned to South Africa in 1990 to work with the African National Congress. He went on to hold multiple leadership roles in civil society and global organisations, including as the Executive Director of Greenpeace.

    He joined Amnesty International as the organisation’s ninth Secretary General in August 2018.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Dr. Kuhn is a Reader in…


    London University Psychology at Goldsmiths, Magıc Laboratory Director


    Dr. Kuhn is a Reader in the department of Psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London, and director of the MAGIC Lab.

    Gustav Kuhn is the leading researcher in the science of magic and he has authored over 70 scientific papers.

    He is also president of the Science of Magic Association.


    Dr. Kuhn is the author of a highly acclaimed book on the Science of Magic (Experiencing the Impossible, MIT press).

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Chakib Labidi is a…


    Founder of UX Playground & Adobe XDI


    Chakib Labidi is a London based user-centred design consultant, founder of UX Playground and Adobe XDI.

    With a masters in product design and more than 18 years of experience, his expertise is in providing guidance, knowledge, skills and inspiration to companies and individuals, with the aim to create products/services that deliver exceptional user experiences.

    Chakib has worked internationally on a wide range of project with clients such as The Times, Sony, Sky, Virgin and Barclays, to name a few.


  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Joined Facebook around…


    Director of Market Operations, Instagram


    Joined Facebook around 2008 as one of Facebook’s first employees outside of the US, taking on the role of Head of Strategy and Planning to help build the EMEA organisation, before moving to a global role to help build the APAC and LATAM commercial operations.

    In total Trevor assisted in establishing 14 Facebook offices across the globe.

    Trevor then moved to a leadership role within Facebook’s Global Agency Partnerships function, based in NYC, managing the strategic global relationships between Facebook and some of its large media and creative agency partners

    Trevor has a leadership role in Facebook’s [email protected] Employee Resources Group which seeks to champion diversity and inclusion inside and outside of Facebook, as well as being an advisor to a number of organisations in the D&I sector.

    He is also the Chairman of the board of Trustees of the Ideas Foundation.


  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Managing Director of…


    Managing Director of R3 EMEA


    Managing Director of global marketing consultancy R3 EMEA.

    Previous clients include Shell, Unilever, AkzoNobel, T-Mobile and Samsung.

    Previously held senior positions at M&C Saatchi, Dentsu, Havas and most recently, at WPP in a cross-Agency integration role, focusing on driving consistency and effectiveness across the holding group, for clients such as GSK, Land Rover, and Vodafone.

    His extensive experience with global accounts and fostering collaboration in vertical teams brings immense value to marketers who are transforming their agency models, relationships and ways of working.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Dudley is a Director of…


    Founder and Director, Virtual Influencer Agency


    Dudley is a Director of www.virtualinfluencer.agency and head of strategy and innovation for www.liveandbreathe.com his recent work includes integrated innovation and influencer campaigns for brands such as Amazon, British Gas, Morrisons and Nestle.

    A strategy and Innovation Director for the last 15 years, Dudley’s background is in entertainment and digital marketing, working for global tech, television and film companies, before starting his own consultancy that delivered pioneering social and Influencer marketing strategies as early as 2008

    In 2010, as part of an integrated brand strategy, Dudley carried out Diageo Reserve’s first influencer campaigns across their portfolio of key brands, delivering similar strategies for high-profile brands such as Grey Goose, Estee Lauder, Nike, SWATCH and Paramount film.

    He created The Influencer Match Tool™ in 2012, analysing social media data and matching the values of brands to influencers. He has led the “Micro Influencer” movement, coining the term “Local Hero” back in 2013 and is now pioneering the application of Artificial Intelligence audience and psychographic analysis to understand “circles of Influence” and consumer Tribes.

    Since 2017 he has been working on creating “Virtual Influencers” for brands, utilising Machine Learning to create characters that build a relationship between the audience and the brand owned asset and he completed the first Professional learning course on Machine Learning at M.I.T.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Murat LeCompte has over…


    Chief External Affairs Official, SOCAR


    Murat LeCompte has over 20 years of experience in the fields of corporate communication, marketing communications, external affairs as well as in start ups, tech companies and oil and gas industries.

    Began his career working in the tourism industry. He then worked in tech and energy, holding executive positions in public relations, corporate communication and business development for global companies such as Marriott, Geac Computers, Intel Corporation and BP.

    LeCompte sits on the executive boards of Association of Corporate Communicators (KID) and Institue of Corporate Relations (KIE).

    He joined the SOCAR family as the Head of Corporate Communication in 2017.


  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY She studied political…




    She studied political science and international relations at Bogazici University. She holds a Marketing Minor degree from University of Washington/Seattle.

    Began her career in advertising as a copywriter at Young&Rubicam before moving on to serve as the Creative Director at Alametifarika.

    She joined TBWA in 2006. She serves as the CCO.

    Gürpinar is one of the seven members of the Band of Brothers, TBWA’s Global Creative Group.

    Music is also one of the significant part of her creative practice. She composed some of the widely known and admired jingles in Turkey including Akbanklı Hep Farklı, Hürriyet Benim, Burada Burada Hepsi Burada and HOPİ.



    Named one of the World’s Most Influential Female Creative Directors by ADWOMEN.

    Voted “Advertising Person of the Year” by MediaCat.

    Selected as one of the Women to Watch award recipients in 2013 by MediaCat.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Creative Director at…


    Creative Director, Manajans JWT


    Creative Director at Manajans/JWT.

    Studied English Literature at Bogazici University. Went on to complete a graduate degree on Advertising Design at Bilgi University.

    Began his career as a copywriter. He worked at Publicis, Yorum and Bold.

    Basut teaches copywriting at Bogazici University.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Leading media and…


    M&A Partner at BDO


    Leading media and technology M&A partner at BDO.

    Previously head of digital worldwide for Results International Group and managing partner of Mediaventura, a London and Dublin based M&A boutique.

    Author of Understanding Digital Marketing, the leading textbook on the subject worldwide, currently in production for its 5th edition and published in 12 languages.



    Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation

    Understanding Social Media: How to Create a Plan for Your Business that Works

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Began his career in…


    Sr. Creative, Wieden+Kennedy


    Began his career in advertising after quitting dentistry and studying graphic design instead.

    He worked in DDB&Co. and TBWA\Istanbul as Art Director and Creative Group Head.

    He moved to The Netherlands in 2014 and started working in JWT Amsterdam.



    10 Grand Prix in International Award Shows including 2 in Cannes Lions

    #3 Art Director in the Cannes Lions Global Creativity Report

    Creative of the Year finalist in Ad Age’s A-List & Creativity Awards

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY In over 20 years…


    P&G, Vice-President Global Marketing & Brand Building


    • In over 20 years Sirma has led different roles in brand management and was promoted to a general manager position for personal cleansing North America in 2004.
    • From 2007 to 2014 Sirma played a key role in developing the P&G feminine care business across different markets in WE, and then total Europe Middle East, Africa and India.
    • Sirma has also been a key pillar in driving the girls’ education and empowerment program together with UNESCO.
    • In December 2015 Sirma has been appointed VP Babycare for Europe. In August 2018, Sirma has been appointed VP, Global Marketing and Brand Building.


    Design Director, Coca-Cola


    Damian Mycroft’s experience in design since the mid-1980s has spanned small agencies and multinationals.

    He started his design career in branding and packaging design with clients such as P&G, Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser.  After moving to Philips Design to create home entertainment and mobile phone designs, he joined Nokia as Senior Design Manager working on Xpress Music, Lifestyle and Premium portfolios.

    As Head of Industrial Design at HP, he led multinational design teams responsible for the multi-billion-dollar printing business creating a consistent, user-driven, innovative design portfolio across multiple consumer segments and price points from sub $30 to $10k plus.

    In 2015 he joined Coca-Cola as Senior Director, Industrial Design & User Experience where he’s delivered on the unique challenge of bringing one of the world’s best-loved brands to life through technically complex, consumer-compelling hardware.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY André Schwämmlein is…


    CEO and Co-Founder, FlixMobility GmbH


    André Schwämmlein is CEO and Founder of FlixMobility where he oversees the company’s Business Development, Operations, Marketing & Sales, Network & Pricing, Public Affairs and Corporate Communications.

    Prior to launching FlixMobility with the brand FlixBus, André worked as a Strategy Consultant for Boston Consulting Group in Munich, Germany, where he met Jochen Engert, future FlixBus Co-Founder. Inspired by the deregulation of the German bus market, André, Jochen and IT specialist Daniel launched FlixBus in 2013; today, FlixBus is Europe’s largest long-distance mobility provider with 350,000 daily connections across 28 European countries, the US and Turkey.

    André has an MSc in Business and Engineering from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg and studied at Tongji University, Shanghai.



    OBE, Co-founder, Creative England


    John Newbigin is co-founder and first Chairman of Creative England (from 2011 to 2018), a public/private partnership that invests in creative content businesses ands digital technology.

    As Special Advisor to the UK Minister for Culture, Rt Hon Chris Smith MP, he was closely involved in developing the UK government’s first policies for the creative industries in the 1990s.  He has written and talked extensively about the creative industries and worked with governments and public agencies around the world on creative economy policies.

    He was Head of Corporate Relations for Channel 4 Television (2000-2005) and executive assistant to Lord Puttnam as the Chairman of the film company EnigmaProductions Ltd (1992-97).

    He was awarded an OBE for “services to creative industries and the arts” in the Queen’s 2015 New Years Honours List.

  • Zümrüt Arol Bekçe studied business in college…


    BKM, CEO

    Zümrüt Arol Bekçe studied business in college and started her career in 1990. Her professional life in finance began at Interbank; followed by Demirbank and AK Investment companies. She made a sharp transition in her career and made a career switch from finance to entertainment sectors in 2000 by joining BKM.

    Although initially she was responsible of financial management in BKM; in a very short period of time, she took an active role in Project Development and Execution by expanding her areas of responsibility. She entered the film industry with BKM’s “Vizontele Tuuba” and “GORA” films.

    As the CEO of BKM, she undertook a crucial role in managing national and international projects in cinema, TV, as well as theatre and concert organizations in the entertainment industry. Zümrüt Arol Bekçe is married with a son and is a member of both TESİYAP and TESDER.

  • Michael Modon focuses on various strategic…


    TikTok, Global Business Development Director

    Michael Modon focuses on various strategic efforts within Global Business Development for TikTok, a destination for short-form mobile videos whose mission is to capture and present the world’s creativity, knowledge, and moments that matter directly from the mobile phone. Modon has led the charge in structuring partnerships across major telecom carriers and media companies across North America and EMEA for the growth of the platform. Prior to TikTok, Modon’s experience includes strategy and business development for various leading tech companies such as musical.ly, Google, and YouTube. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Los Angeles.

  • Marko Suvajdzic is a diverse thinker with 20+…


    Digital Worlds Institute, University of Florida, Associate Director

    Marko Suvajdzic is a diverse thinker with 20+ years of achievement in academia and creative digital research and production space.

    Marko’s experience includes projects ranging from artificial Intelligence-intensive video game titles for major industry publishers to co-founding five of his own startups.

    Currently, his research focuses on emerging technologies and their applications in healthcare.

    He is an avid practitioner of mindfulness meditation and has worked with psychologists, medical doctors, and spiritual masters from around the world.

    Marko is a professor of digital arts and sciences and the associate director of Digital Worlds Institute at the University of Florida.

    He has lectured internationally at schools and conferences in the U.S.A., U.K., India, UAE, Serbia, China, Australia, Norway, and Japan.

  • Sertaç Taşdelen was born in 1983 as the only…


    Faladdin, Binnaz ve İyilikPaylaş; Founder

    Sertaç Taşdelen was born in 1983 as the only son of a pharmacist
    couple in Ankara. He studied Management at Bilkent University in his
    hometown, where he loves the most among all the places he has
    travelled. He describes himself as a hopeless positive thinker, a
    dreamer and a very disciplined hard worker.

    He is a technology entrepreneur; Co-founder & CEO of “Faladdin”,
    “Binnaz”, and iyilikpaylas.org.

    In 2005, when he was 22, he has been head-hunted in Dubai Ernst &
    Young’s Management Consulting Team, and lived in Dubai for 4,5 years
    prior being transferred to Singapore office in 2010. He later realized
    that he is not fulfilled spiritually as a corporate salaryman, and as
    of June 2012, he took a leap of faith and has left his corporate
    career to chase more meaningful dreams in life.

    After quitting, he focused fully on working on his startup Binnaz
    remotely and travelled extensively around the globe for 5 years;
    climbing icebergs in Greenland, motorcycling in Gobi, or surfing in
    Bali. While doing so, he got Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and
    nominated as the Young Outstanding Person Award in Turkey.

    In 2016, he and his co-founder, created Faladdin; an A.I Fortune
    Teller, which then went viral and downloaded by 15 Million people
    around the globe. With the success of this new startup, he got
    international recognition and selected Endeavor Entrepreneur in late



    Medical Doctor



    Arçelik Türkiye, Marketing Director



    Turkish National Athlete / Wrestler



    Turkish National Athlete / Gymnast



    Turkish National Athlete



    Turkish National Athlete / Archer



    Turkish National Athlete



    Turkish National Athlete / Sailing



    Turkish National Athlete / Modern Pentathlon

Brand Academy Certification Program

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Durmus who works on…


    Professor of Quantitative Methods at Marmara Uni, Faculty of Business Administration


    Durmus who works on Market Researches, Research Methods and Data Mining, has Ph.D. in Business Administration, on the topic of Data Analysis in CRM Practices. As one of the founders of 365 Derece Digital agency, for the purpose of creating effective brand strategies, she mainly focuses on brand researches and analyses.

    Working Areas;Durmuş concentrated on Data Mining, Marketing Research and Digital Reputation Management-Digital Community Monitoring implementations, addressingacademic purposes, brand and marketing professionals.



    Data Analysis with SPSS in Social Sciences

    We’re on Facebook: Examination of Social Networks forIndividuals and Businesses


  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Ecmel Ayral is the Vice…


    Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of İstanbul Bilgi University


    Ecmel Ayral is the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of İstanbul Bilgi University.

    Ever since she started her career in 1983, Dr Ayral has worked in the domestic and international arena in the fields of real estate, finance and corporate training/development, while offering her expertise as a consultant for the development of many organisations.

    Having completed her graduate studies at Business Department (English) at Marmara University, Dr Ayral completed her post-graduate and master’s studies at the Organisational Behaviours Department of Marmara University and started to give lectures at Boğaziçi University and Istanbul Bilgi University.

    She worked in the capacity of professional executive at İstanbul Bilgi University between the years 2004-2010.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Having work at various…


    Director of Marketing, Scholar and Author


    Having work at various tech firms such as Vestel and Ericsson, he worked in the capacity of Director of Marketing at SAP Turkey for a long period of time. In 2017, he was appointed the Director of Marketing for Middle East at SAP.

    He writes about urban life, technology, while collars and authenticity for OT and Digital Age magazines, gives Digital Marketing lectures at Bilgi University and participates at various summits and seminars as a keynote speaker.



    Mezeleri Güzel (Good Appetisers)




    Faculty Member & Founder of NBT Digital



    Founder of London-based NBT Digital growth agency

    Dr Eren gives lectures on digital marketing in England and Turkey at Middlesex, Birmingham, Bilgi and Istanbul Technical Universities

    He is a mentor at incubation programs such as London & Partners, Startupbootcamp, Founder Institute and Innogate

    Please visit erenkocyigit.com to find out more about him.



    Digital Marketing

    Growth Marketing

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Gresi Sanje conducts…


    Director of Marketing Communication Post-Graduate Program/Brand School at Istanbul Bilgi University


    Gresi Sanje conducts academic research on marketing communication and brand at the University, and offers consultation and training services to businesses at “Gresi Sanje Danışmanlık”.

    At Istanbul Bilgi University, she fulfilled the role of UN Global Principles Agreement Representative in 2010-2014 and the role of Head of Communication Design and Management Department in 2014-2015. She served as a board member at Ed-Com “European Foundation for Commercial Communications Education” which operates under the umbrella of European Association of Advertisement in 2011-2015 and as chairman of the association in 2015-2017.

    She has been fulfilling the role of Assistant Manager at Research and Training Centre for Environment, Energy and Sustainability since 2017, as well as the role of Director at Brand School which is a Marketing Communication Post-Graduate Program co-ran by Istanbul Bilgi University and MediaCat.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY He graduated from the…


    Dean of the Faculty of Communication, Bilgi University


    He graduated from the Department of Sociology at ODTÜ before completing his post-graduate studies at the Institute of Social Sciences at Ankara University and master’s studies at Massachusetts University.

    Having overseen the design and coordination of various social research projects for UNICEF, TUBITAK, European Commission Civil Society Development Project, UNDP, GEF-SGP, Ipsos KMG and İstanbul Bilgi University since 2000, Halil Nalçaoğlu took on the duty of coordinating Graduate and Post-Graduate programs on Media and Communication Systems at the Faculty of Communication of İstanbul Bilgi University.

    In 2011, he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Communication, a position he still holds to this day.



    Medya ve Toplum İlişkisini Anlamak Üzere Bir Çerçeve (A Framework to Understand the Relationship between Media and Society)

    Modern Toplumlarda Sergileme Felsefesi ve Müzeler (The Concept of Exhibitions and Museums in Modern Communities)

    Vatan: Toprağın Altı, Üstü ve Ötesi (Homeland: Under, Over and Beyond the Ground)

    Heterotopya, Koloni ve Öteki Mekanlar: Michel Foucault’nun Kısa Bir Metni Üzerine Düşünceler (Heterotopia, Colony and Other Places: Takes on a Short Assay by Michel Foucault)

    İmparatorluk’ta İletişim, İyimserlik ve İnandırıcılık Sorunları (Issues of Communication, Optimism and Plausibility at the Empire)

    Gençlik ve Yeni Toplumsal İletişim Ethos’u: Yanılsamalar, Bulgular ve Spekülasyonlar (Ethos of Youth and New Social Communication: Delusions, Findings and Speculations)

    Internet ve Görselin İmhası: İnternet İçeriğini Analiz Etmek İçin Kuramsal Model Arayışları (Destruction of the Internet and the Visuals: In Search of a Corporate Model to Analyse Internet Content)

    Kültürel Farkın Yapısökümü (Deconstruction of Cultural Differences)

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY He graduated from…


    Advertiser, Executive Partner of Deeper


    He graduated from Kadıköy Anatolian High School and the Department of Economics at Boğaziçi University. He enjoyed a long time at the university due to his love for theatre which started when he was in high school.

    He was among Boğaziçi University Actors and Theatre Boğaziçi as actor-dramaturg-playwright-director.

    He pursued a career in theatre until the age of 30, but that did not happen for him. As a fine consolation prize, he became an advertiser.

    At Güzel Sanatlar Group, he worked as writer, strategist and director at various companies.

    He up and left the country in 2012. He studies and renewed himself. He came back in 2016.

    He joined Deeper, which is a data-driven cognitive behavioural company, as an executive partner.

    He gives lectures on “Evalutionary Approach to Marketing Communication” and “Data-Driven Marketing” at Bilgi University Brand School.

    He writes monthly articles on behavioural marketing for MediaCat magazine.



    Professor, Galatasaray University Faculty of Communication; Xedzone Founding Partner


    Kerem Rızvanoğlu currently works as the Informatics Division chair at the faculty of Communication in Galatasaray University.

    Rızvanoğlu is also the founding partner of Xedzone Research and Consultancy Company, which served in the digital world for user experience research, design, education and strategic consultancy projects more than a decade.

    He is working as as researcher in the area of human-computer interaction and usability / user experience since 1999. He has been teaching and publishing on usability, user experience and interaction design at the certificate, undergraduate and graduate levels since 2001. He taught in Boğaziçi Univeristy and Koç University in the recent years.

    He is currently teaching in Galatasaray University as a full time scholar and in Bilgi University as adjunct faculty.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Lale is one of the most…


    Management and Marketing Consultant


    Lale is one of the most experienced leaders in the marketing world. She has worked in Unilever, Turkcell and Yıldız Holding (pladis) companies, a total of 27 years of marketing and general management experience in Turkey and in the global roles. She is one of the founders and board director of Women on Boards Association. She is also a licensed angel investor who has invested in 6 different technology companies. She teaches Strategic Brand Management at Bilgi University.


    “Best Marketing Leader in Turkey”, Capital 2009

    “Women to Watch”, Mediacat 2014

    “Top 100 Influencers”, Global Creative Pool Annual 2018


    Karar Verdim, Mediacat Yayınları, 2015



    Vice President in Charge of Media at TBWAIstanbul


    Nüzhet Algüneş studied Economics at Boğaziçi University and graduated in 1994.

    He worked in the fields of sales, marketing, media planning/purchasing, strategy, business development, R&D and digital marketing at multinational companies and agencies for many years.

    He has been fulfilling the role of Vice President in Charge of Media at TBWA Istanbul since July 2018. In December 2018, he founded “Clue Istanbul” a new-gen media planning company under the umbrella of the same group.

    He writes monthly articles for MediaCat magazine.

    He is a faculty member at İstanbul Bilgi University Brand School. He talks about the future of media at panels and seminars when he gets the chance.



    Service Lines Leader of Brand Health Tracking and Social Intelligence Analytics & ExCo Member, Ipsos Turkey


    Özlem Bulut Sönmezyalçın graduated from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at Istanbul Technical University in 1995. In the same year, she got a job as Quantitative Researches Group Leader at ACNielsen and kept working in that capacity 1999. She then transitioned over to the position of the Director of Business Development at GFK in 2000. In this process, she took on responsibilities such as special projects and retailer panels with a focus on Consumer Panels.

    Joining the ranks of Ipsos KMG in 2001, Özlem worked as a Director of Health Research and then Industry and Services at Quantitative Research Department. She led the Key Accounts and PartneRing Program.

    In January 2011, she took up the role of leadership for Advertisement and Brand Research Efforts as General Manager of Ipsos ASI – Advertisement Research.

    Taking on the role of Innovative Products in 2015-2018, Özlem worked on developing new models in the field of Neural Marketing and Social Media.

    She has been leading Brand Health Monitor and Social Intelligence Analyses at Ipsos since October 2018.

    Working in the academic field as well, Özlem taught neural marketing at Neural Marketing Post-Graduate Program at Üsküdar University in 2015 and has been teaching the same subject at İstanbul Bilgi University Brand School Post-Graduate Program since 2016.

  • PROFESSIONAL BIOGRAPHY Issuance of first…


    Knowledge Management Consultant and İstanbul Bilgi University Instructor


    Issuance of first installment payment credit card in Turkey,

    Replacement of printed catalog system of the loyalty program bonus points with the online catalog system developed  in collaboration with one of the most popular  e-retailer company

    Unsuccessful entrepreneur of job search platform (1986) and shared office (1996)

    He managed organizational change projects, transformation of product focused structures into customer focused structures.

    Some of the data based projects he has managed has been published as success story on international web sites.

    He is co-author of Dijitopya – Digital Transformation Journey Guide” (in Turkish)

    He is now working as consultant and instructor on Digital Transformation, CRM and Loyalty Programs of international companies and holdings as well as Internet startups.

    Turkey’s first Digital Transformation course is delivered by Uğur Özmen and Serhat Akkılıç

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