Tohum Otism Foundation, General Director

Betul Selcen Özer was born in 1975. She completed her Sociology degree at Middle East Technical University and her graduate degree on Socioeconomic Demographics at Hacettepe University. She wrote her thesis on “Content Analysis of Family Planning News Appearing on National Newspapers: 2001-2005.” Since 2000, she has been working with NGOs such as Willows International, TURMEPA and Community Volunteers Foundation on issues such as reproductive health, family planning, environment and youth. Between 2013-2015 she taught Demographics classes at Yedi Tepe University Department of Sociology. İn her 17 years working with NGOs, Özer has worked on various functions such as field, education, projects, resource development and communication. Since 2014, Özer has been the General Director of Tohum Otism Foundation.


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